Save Money with The Best Small Office Printers

Many business owners do not realize the fact that they waste a lot of money on their paper printing and copying procedures. Every business has an extensive volume of documentation requirements, and copying plays a major role.

The best small office printers – Should you buy or lease them?

You should have an on-site copier and printer to effectively keep your business operations run smoothly. Both models of copiers and printers range from small to large models. The smaller models can be used in a home office as well. If you are the owner of a large corporation and have a huge volume of copying done every day, you can invest in the larger laser models that are high-end in nature and ideal for your copying needs.

When it comes to the price range of larger sophisticated models, they generally are sold at about $10,000 depending upon what features they contain.

What about small businesses if they cannot afford to buy a printer or copier?

Now, if you are a small business owner, it is obvious that affording costly printers and copiers for your company is not a feasible option. The cost of buying a copier does not end there. You need to add up the costs of maintenance, printer paper, and toner. All of these costs are significant, and several businesses today are now leasing their laser copiers and printers. The leasing process is referred to as “managed services,” and they cover extra products and services alongside the actual printer or copier.

The best small office printers can be leased in the standard sense too. Here, the machine is rented out, and the machine’s management and maintenance are the lessee’s key responsibility. However, several managed services bundle both resources and products in the leasing contract that is both convenient and an advantage to a small business with limited resources.

Types of leasing available

There are two types of leasing available. They are-

  1. Operating leases- Most small businesses choose operating leases because they are cheaper than the capital lease per month. This lease offers the lessee the chance to buy the equipment outright after the lease agreement terminates. However, here, the copier’s value has depreciated due to its demand in the market and the emergence of new technology along with the condition of the model, so it will not be a valuable asset to the business that they would want to add to their balance sheets.
  2. The capital lease- This lease is not as popular as the operating lease; however, it does offer a benefit to the small business interested in growth. This is because the leasing contract is treated as a loan, making it different from a rental agreement for the equipment. The money going into the interest and principal is applied to the equipment cost and applied to the lessee’s balance sheet. The capital lease every month is more costly; however, if the business has the intention to buy the model at the end of the lease period, it is a cost-saving strategy.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best small office printers, you can opt for leasing agreements with credible companies and save lots of money in the long run!