Different Kinds of Featured Snippets (How Can They Help In SEO?)

Google wants to provide users the best content for their queries. Therefore, besides the usual search results, the search engine also includes a preview of the content on the snippet box that you will find on the top-most part of the search engine results page or SERP. It’s called a featured snippet or also known as position zero. It gives an instant answer to the query by showing part of the content from a website that it chooses to feature. It’s difficult to determine the specific factors that Google considers in selecting which content to feature. However, it’s generally one that will answer the user’s search intent. It should also be clear and precise, so Google will find it easy to understand. 

There are different types of featured snippets, and here are some of them:

  • Paragraph. It shows a section derived from the content of the chosen website containing the keyword searched. It may also include an image. 
  • List. It gives the result in a list form, such as a list of the best shoe brand or a list of foods best for weight loss. 
  • Table. It may also show the result in a table form. An example is a table showing the most populated countries or a table that shows nutrition facts of a particular food. 

Landing a high rank on the SERP is essential for search engine optimization or SEO. It is also true with getting the spot for the featured snippet. While the majority of the snippets often come from high-ranking pages, there are also times that they may come from low-ranking ones. It means that even if you have not yet achieved landing on the first page of the search results, you can still end up getting featured for the snippet. Below are ways on how this can help with your SEO.

It increases organic traffic to your website

A featured snippet is on the top-most part of the search result, and it is bigger, so it attracts more attention. Users are more likely to click on the top results, and being in that place, will give you a better chance of getting clicks, thus increasing your website traffic. You don’t even need to use paid ads to be there. Being featured as a snippet does not require you to pay anything. All you need is effort and the right strategies to make it there. 

It improves your reputation

As mentioned, Google selects high-quality content that is most helpful to the users when determining which to feature on the snippet block. Landing in that area means that you meet those requirements, thus increasing your reliability and authority. Users will see you as trustworthy, thus also improving your reputation. They are more likely to visit a site that they see as reputable. 

It increases the conversion rate

Since it increases your authority and trustworthiness, users will also be more confident doing business with you. Also, if they find the answer they are looking for on the snippet, they are ready to purchase when they click on your site. Therefore, it will help improve your sales. 

It improves brand awareness

One of the reasons for working on your SEO is to increase brand awareness. You want more people to know about your company and what you offer. Being in the featured snippet box can help you achieve that. Even if they don’t need your product or service at that time, you will be in their mind come the time that they find a need for it. 

Some tools can help you make it on the much-coveted snippet block, such as keyword tools and applications showing the most common questions for a specific keyword. Use these tools and create quality content that is easy to understand for a chance to get that spot.