5 Attractive Website Design Ideas for a Small Business in 2022

The appearance and performance of your website are generally the first impressions a potential client has of your company. Because a first perception only lasts about 7 seconds, your website must present your company in the best possible manner as soon as a user comes to your page.

The brilliance of web design trends, and possibly their challenge, is that they are continually changing. With each new update in technology and SEO best practices, what’s popular now could very well be obsolete tomorrow. So, your company must keep its finger on the pulse of the next great thing in web design before it becomes the norm. These web design trends will show you how to use your imagination this year:

  • White space

Modern website design, like print publications, is returning to minimalism with white space. White space aids in the movement of users through your website pages, flowing from one piece to the next, and it gives a clear hierarchy in which no element detracts from the overall picture. The white space allows viewers to take a breather and rest their eyes. In addition, outlining links between page elements also enhances comprehension.

  • Premium content as lead generation

This is another trend in website design that caters to the target demographic. Understanding what your website visitors will find helpful will help you build a whitepaper, an e-book, or another essential item that they will desire. They’ll be so desperate for it that they’ll be eager to offer you their email address in exchange.

The user receives something useful, and the marketing team gets a lead, which creates and sustains the conversation or does business with that person. Consider partnering with a trusted SEO and web design company to provide marketing direction with guides that address issues such as website content.

  1. Page speed

Many people care about page speed. They will be discouraged from visiting other web pages if they find out that your website loads slowly. Your audience is likely impatient for data, so they’ll go to your competitor’s page if it isn’t available right away.

  • Voice functionality

Voice search has been on the rise over the past two years. Instead of typing through Google or other search engines, people constantly use voice assistants to complete internet queries. As a result, the emergence of voice-activated internet interactions is unavoidable. Hence, you should interact with the website and tell it what you want to view. This is, without a doubt, the website of the future!

  • Data visualization

More people choose words and figures over visual stuff. However, while most are interested in statistical data, they often cannot understand what it means when it is not visualized. So, while data is a fantastic asset to showcase on your website in 2022, visualizing data will truly set you apart.


Are you excited about a new website in 2022? Don’t miss out on these forthcoming web design trends that focus on the “why” behind particular decisions, with marketing at the forefront. Experienced Tucson SEO agencies suggest that when used together, these trends create a one-of-a-kind and user-friendly web experience that provides customers with the information they need while also motivating them to delve deeper and advance farther down the sales funnel.